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Hey Ya'll!

I'm a crafty southern chick that loves to specialize and custom design your ideas into door hangers, wall signs and home décor! I've always painted and made my own doorhangers and quickly became a request for all our family & friends. In January 2022 I was excited to jump both feet first into the wood laser business! I bought my first laser engraver "Bertha" and she has been running non-stop! In October 2022 we decided to upgrade Bertha and add Thunder Thelma to our shop!

How did the Crafty Chick name come about? Everyone called me "crafty" and being a chicken momma, my girl, Dottie, gave me my namesake of the Crafty Chick! My ladies bring me great joy and they are very loyal in their laying everyday! 

Let me take your decorating stress from you! I'm here to help you decorate your fireplace mantle, porches, doors, table tops and more! If there is something you want created, I'm the chick to create it for you!


About this Crafty Chick...

Hi! I'm a southern chick that loves everything DIY and personalized! My name is Heather LaBauve and I'm married to the love of my life for over 20 years and fun momma of 2 boys and 1 princess, a pup named Peanut Butter & Jelly and to my 5 Loyal Laying Ladies...that inspired me for the name and logo of this business. Since opening my shop, we added a shop Crafty Cat to our mix and her name is Hazel.

I've been painting since I was 8 years old, painting oil paintings, charcoals and pastels. I've always used my creativeness as my therapy or outlet from stress. What better way to turn this outlet into a business. For years, I would make décor, signs, and door hangers for people to give as gifts...and now I want to offer it to everyone!

Enjoy shopping and if there's something that you want created, I'm the chick to create it for you!


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